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Local Craft Beer Tour

  • Explore the local craft beer scene in Munich
  • Visit the hotspots in town 
  • Get in Touch with Local brewers


Germans love beer and love good beer! …and Munich is possibly the greatest beer destinations in the world!

But what about craft beer? For sure the craft beer scene in Munich is growing and breaking into the traditional German brewing scene and we are sure you want to try the results.

Internationally the global craft beer movement has been on the rise for years and many countries have saturated craft beer markets!

In Germany and in particular in Munich things are a bit complicated.

The German Beer Purity Law, ( Ingolstadt 1516) is understood as a quality guarantee. It limits the ingredients used to brew beer to water, malt and hops.( Yeast is the 4th ingredient and is not listed in the original law because its role in the fermentation process had not yet been discovered at the time the law was written).

What does it mean? Is it possible to find citrus-flavored beers in Germany? What about spiced ales? 

It is, but those German creative brewers using  chocolate, sugar , orange to brew their beer are not legally allowed to market their products as beer! 

I am interested in those “ rebel brewers” who are exploring the boundaries of the purity law and believe that possibilities are limitless.

If you want to take an adventure across Munichand be blown away with the latest and greatest bavarian craft beers the tours I offer are for you! 



An evening with a Beer Sommelier



Join us on this unique beer tasting adventure in Munich and experience a different side of the city! 

Your guide, a certified  beer sommelier will guide you through alternative neighbourhoods and will make sure you get a great idea of the craft beer scene in Munich. You will learn about local history and how it is intricately connected with beer history. 


During this tour you will sample at least 5 local craft beers and discover 3 o more different locations and  will taste some delicious bavarian delicacies.

Your guide-beer sommelier will teach you how to identify different beer styles and how to pair your favorite beer with food.


What is included:

5 to 6  beer tasting 

Platter of bavarian delicacies or hot snacks

commentary from a certified “Biersommelier” Doemens

Public Transportation Tickets



3,5 – 4 Hours



Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday – Sunday


Meeting Location:

Fish fountain in Marienplatz-City Center



Subtotal:        55 Euros 

Taxes:            10,45 Euros

Total:             65,45 Euros


Check out our Private Tours if you can’t make our usual tour date! 

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